1999 In Memoriam 9/17/99
MKG Variations (cello version)
In White
1998 Academica
1997 Lines (clarinet piano version)
Lines (violin piano version)
Aphrodisiac (concert suite from film score)
1996 Evil Eye Deflector
Remembering Lycia
Kusatma Altinda Ask/Love Under Siege (concert suite from film score)
Curve (string quartet)
1995 Symphony No. 3 Siege of Vienna
1994 Kevin?s Dream
Symphony No. 2 Fall of Constantinople
1993 Domes
Plexus (ballet)
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Arches (1994)
First Performance

June 1994 Present Music
Kevin Stalheim, conductor
Istanbul Modern Music Festival
Istanbul, Turkey


fl., cl., trpt., synth., vln., vlc.





Program Notes

Commissioned by Present Music with additional funding from the Tennessee Arts Council. In 1993 I wrote an orchestra piece titled Domes. Domes is important in the development of my music as with it I started to use more spiritual elements. It is built on a wash of very high string sounds slowly descending, again and again. It is religious in an abstract way--spiritual and perpetually longing. I was thinking about the shapes of domes in Rome and Istanbul. Since its premiere various arrangements have been performed by chamber orchestras and ensembles. After Domes, I wanted to compose a similar work written originally for a chamber group. With the encouragement of Kevin Stalheim, director of Present Music, came Arches. Most that I mentioned about Domes also describes Arches. It is built on a wash of string sounds and it is very spiritual. The descending high string sounds in Domes is transformed in Arches to be a perpetually descending four note figure in the middle register. The string sounds are enhanced by the synthesizer, which is the backbone of the ensemble. Trumpet has a very important role with its “Miles” mute.