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Drawings vers. for cello and piano (2012)
First Performance

March 5, 2012
Nardis Jazz Club
Istanbul, Turkey


cello, piano 




Drawings (ver. for vlc and pi)

Program Notes

Drawings (2012) version for cello and piano Drawings was originally composed in 2002 for flute (doubling with alto flute and piccolo) and piano. It was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, Marie Sander. Its version for cello and piano was created by the composer in 2012. Ince’s comments about the original flute and piano version is below.

The cello and piano version is like the same play being performed by diffeent actors. To portray the role in its own way, cello’s sound capabilities, register, scordatura (retuning of strings), and various techniques are used.

“In Drawings my starting point of what the piece would be about and where it would propel from was the very low airy sounds of the alto flute. These airy sounds and the hypnotic chords heard from the piano below is the core idea of the work. This idea is spiritual, but for me it does not contain the searching found in some of my spiritual ideas in other works. Here it is patient, resting.. Of course, this core idea is then contrasted in the extremes with two kinds of ideas: piercing piccolo sounds with sudden high piano strikes; and passionately (the way I see it) flowing sections of the normal flute with fluid piano parts. Throughout the piece the three flutes are locked to their above sections and sounds. These sections often alternate their first heard order. Different expressions of the three ideas is presented at times, though their origin and purpose remain the same.”  

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